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Child Labor-Free Establishment

Child Labor-Free Establishment (CLFE) refers to a company/establishment that is not employing child labor and not using products or materials produced through the use of child labor.

The CLFE Certificate is one of the recognition awards under the Incentivizing Compliance Program (ICP) of the Department of Labor and Employment pursuant to Department Order No. 115, Series of 2011. The ICP promotes voluntary compliance by:

  • giving due recognition and incentives to a company’s initiative to voluntarily comply with labor laws or having implemented a much higher standards
  • assisting non-compliant company through training and technical assistance to comply with requirements set by law

A Child Labor-Free Zone (CLFZ) marker may also be awarded to a special economic zone where all establishments within the zone have been bestowed with CLFE Certificate.



It aims to promote compliant and socially responsible business practices as establishment-based component of the Child Labor-Free Philippines campaign.



Establishments can be enrolled through:

  1. nomination by the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) or the Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (RTIPC); or
  2. direct application



An establishment enrolled or nominated for the CLFE Certificate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Holder of a bestowed Tripartite Certificate of Compliance on Labor Standards;
  2. Maintains a company policy expressly prohibiting child labor which is displayed publicly. For those employing young workers (15 to 17 years of age), a policy on non-assignment in hazardous work and worst forms of child labor;
  3. Contracts or terms of engagement with its suppliers and contractors, if any, contain stipulations prohibiting child labor;
  4. Has no pending case with the DOLE on the use of child labor; and
  5. Suppliers and contractors, if any, have no pending case with the DOLE of any verified report on the use of child labor.

“Supplier” refers to any organization or individual in the supply chain of a particular product or commodity.

“Contractor” refers to any person or entity, including a cooperative, engaged in a legitimate contracting or subcontracting arrangement in accordance with Department Order No. 18-A, providing either services, skilled workers, temporary workers, or a combination of services to a principal under a Service Agreement.



An establishment/zone applying or nominated by the RCC or RTIPC for the CLFE Certificate/CLFZ Marker shall submit the following documents to the DOLE Regional Office having jurisdiction over the applicant or nominated establishment:

  1. Copy of:
    1. Tripartite Certificate of Compliance on Labor Standards awarded to the establishment/zone;
    2. Written company policy prohibiting child labor;
    3. List of names and addresses of suppliers and contractors;
    4. Contracts or terms of engagement with suppliers and contractors, if any
  2. Certification from DOLE Regional Office that the suppliers and contractors of the establishment, if any, or locators in the zone are not engaged in child labor. 

For applicant establishments with suppliers and/or contractors located in another region, refer to letter (c) of Certification Process.


Certification Process

  • Upon receipt of application form with complete documents, DOLE Regional Office shall inform in writing the establishment/zone on the certification process and the Checklist to be administered.
  • The DOLE Regional Office shall conduct documentary review, ocular visit and random interview of employees of the establishment/zone.
  • For applicant establishments with suppliers and/or contractors located in another region, DOLE Regional Office shall request concerned DOLE Regional Office for a certification that the suppliers and/or contractors have no pending case or any verified report on the use of child labor.
  • If the establishment is found to be compliant, the DOLE Regional Director shall issue the Child Labor-Free Establishment Certificate.


Incentives and Benefits

  • Certificate/Marker of Recognition as Child Labor-Free Establishment/Zone;
  • Priority endorsement to DOLE programs and services;
  • Use of the Child Labor-Free Establishment/Zone logo in promotional materials and activities; and
  • Promotion in the DOLE website as partner-implementer of the Child Labor-Free Philippines campaign.




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