winnersW3AP  (Read as Triple W  AP) - stands for “Women Workers Welfare Advocacy Program”, a program lodged with the Women Workers Development Division (WWDD) of the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns (BWSC). All advocacy initiatives pertaining to the Family Welfare Program, the anti-sexual harassment, and other related laws that affect women workers shall be published under this program.

Project SEARCH conferred recognition to establishments with the best practices towards  raising the  quality of life of their employees within the context of the priorities of the Family Welfare Program (FWP)*.   Spearheaded by the BWSC, this  project  was carried out in collaboration with the DOLE Regional  Offices.

The SEARCH aims to recognize establishments which have installed workplace measures promoting family welfare and provide models for replication; showcase   creative workplace FWP practices;  document strategies and best practices in the implementation of the various  components of the FWP; and stimulate interest and commitment  towards sustaining workplace programs  promoting family welfare.

A Search Committee headed by the DOLE Regional Director in each of the sixteen administrative regions screened and selected from the nominees their respective regional winner using the BWSC selection criteria and point system.  Evaluation and selection of establishments qualified for the special awards was undertaken by the BWSC selection committee chaired by the Undersecretary for Labor Standards and Social Protection.

TOP THREE ESTABLISHMENTS : From each of the island group of LUZON, VISAYAS Plus and MINDANAO best features in a nutshell

Fuji Electric Philippines, Inc. (FEP) located in Canlubang,  Laguna is a anufacturing  company that specializes in the  production of semiconductor products.

All 10 dimensions of the FWP are implemented in FUJI. Its Family Welfare Council was established in 2001.

With a  female dominated workforce, the Family Planning/Responsible Parenthood   component and the lactation room are very notable  initiatives yielding positive results. An apparent reduction in the pregnancy rate was observed, from 18% in 2003 when the program was implemented, to 8% in 2009. Likewise, lower absenteeism rate among the mothers is observed from 6.69% in 2003 to 3.75 % in 2009. Fuji attributes the reduced absenteeism rate to their education program on appropriate child care and nutrition which includes the benefits of   breastmilk to  infants and young children.

To bolster efforts in promoting proper nourishment, harvested fruits and vegetables planted in the company grounds supplement the meals served at the employees’ canteen or brought home for employees’ consumption.


Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation (PASAR) in LIDE, Isabel, Leyte is the only copper smelter and    refinery in the country.

All 10 dimensions of the FWP are implemented in PASAR.  Its Family Welfare Committee was established in 1988.

To attempt to describe their best features in a nutshell would be an understatement as this space will not be enough to showcase the magnitude of their interventions. Let it  therefore be sufficed to say that their best features are in the area of  Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood; Spirituality and Value  Formation; Education which focuses on scholarship grants; Income Generation/Livelihood/Cooperative; Sports and Leisure    Facilities, among others which are given equal  importance.

Observed impact of the FWP implementation is sustained industrial peace and harmony, lowered absenteeism rate, more productive employees and reduced cases of PTB.

PASAR’s average expense for FWP services per employee for the last three years is  approximately Php199,583.00


Holcim Philippines, Incorporated established in Lugait, Misamis Oriental is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement and    aggregates. It is involved in the manufacture, sale and distribution of  cement and ready mix       concrete.

All 10 dimensions are implemented in  HOLCIM. Its LMC/Family Welfare Committee was established in 1988.

In pursuit of its mission to be the  employer of choice, the company has seriously pursued family welfare programs that resulted in reduced absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs, increased employee retention, increased productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

While equal efforts are invested by  HOLCIM in the 10 dimensions, three stood out as  benefitting the most number of employees and has greatly impacted on their employees and  families. These are under   Medical Health Care; Spirituality or Value Formation; and  Income Generation/Livelihood/Cooperative. For    example, their hospitalization benefits given annually is Php50, 000.00 per illness, per dependent to a maximum of 5 dependents  annually.

Their family welfare programs were incorporated in the CBA since 1988 with  funding  support of 3.5M annually.  


* FWP dimensions: Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood; Education/Gender Equality; Spirituality or Value Formation; Income/Generation/Livelihood/Cooperative; Medical Health Care; Nutrition; Environmental Protection, Hygiene and Sanitation; Sports and Leisure; Housing and Transportation

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