Kabataan ITo is a project of the Department of Labor and Employment in relation to Executive Order No. 788 “Promoting A Youth National Service”.

It is an earning and learning project through which the IT-literate unemployed youth shall be tapped in improving IT literacy among the out-of-school youth and other disadvantaged youth through free mentoring sessions and in bringing the government closer to the people through free, supervised internet access to online government programs and services.

Kabataan ITo will provide:

  • earning opportunities for information technology/computer-literate youth by serving as mentors;
  • learning opportunities for the youth and other sectors who are interested to acquire basic and practical IT-related knowledge and skills and to experience hands-on IT appreciation and familiarization; and
  • access to various programs and services of the government for poor students, out-of-school youth, disadvantaged OFWs, occupationally disabled workers and informal sector workers and their dependents through information and communication technologies

Target Areas and Beneficiaries

Kabataan ITo  is being implemented by all DOLE Regional Offices.

The youth mentors will impart practical IT knowledge and skills to non-IT-literate youths and other disadvantaged sectors through short appreciation and familiarization sessions using a suggested guide. They will also assist walk-in clients to get access to online government services.

For voluntary service in this project, the DOLE will provide an hourly stipend to the youth mentor.

The DOLE will issue a certificate of recognition to youth mentors at the end of his or her service and a certificate of completion to participants who would be able to finish the last lesson satisfactorily.

Partners in Project Implementation

The National Youth Commission (NYC) will conduct nationwide advocacy of the Kabataan ITo as part of the National Youth Service Program and assist in the monitoring of the status of project implementation.

Local government units and other government agencies, as part of their compliance with EO 788, as well as the private sector may voluntarily adopt the Kabataan ITo project concept in coordination with the DOLE Field Offices.

For more information, please contact or go to the nearest DOLE Regional Office in your area.

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