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Labor of Love

Ms. Jessieryl Pitogo of Cebu proved the quote to be true as she did everything to surpass the economic hardships that their family stumbled upon, for the love of her child. It was in 2010 when her youngest son who was six years old at that time, suffered from a heart disease that needs immediate medical attention, particularly an open heart surgery.

Ms. Pitogo, who was a former quality watch analyst of TIMEX, only received a monthly income of Php 11,000.00 while her husband only earns Php 25,000.00. This situation put their family in great financial distress that led them to borrow Php 1,000,000.00 from TIMEX Cooperative. “After our salary deductions, my husband’s take-home pay kada-buwan ay Php 1,000.00 na lang at sa akin naman ay Php 600.00. Paano naman kami mabubuhay sa ganoong sweldo namin? Kaya nag-isip ako ng paraan kung paano matutustusan ang mga gastusin namin sa bahay”, Ms. Pitogo shared.

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