More jobs await the youth as the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) opens new avenues for employment through the hiring of enumerators and field supervisors for the profiling of vulnerable workers.

The DOLE, through its regional offices will hire a total of 970 enumerators and 97 field supervisors to profile 391,200 vulnerable workers for 2014.

In addition, the interns of the Government Internship Program (GIP) will do the encoding jobs.

Profiling activity is being undertaken relative to the implementation of the Convergence Program for the Vulnerable Workers, i.e. child laborers, informal sector workers, and sugar farm workers.

The result of profiling will serve as basis in determining appropriate interventions to address their needs.

DOLE implementers conduct orientations/trainings on profiling to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data to be gathered from the workers.

Aside from wages set at the minimum wage in the respective regions for enumerators and above the minimum for field supervisors, they are also entitled to transportation allowance and insurance for their social protection during data gathering.

This further expands the capacities of the youth, making them actively involved in nation-building.

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