Domestic workers or kasambahay can now avail of e-Learning Course on Introduction to Batas Kasambahay or Domestic Workers Act (Republic Act No. 10361), says BWSC Director Ahmma Charisma Lobrin-Satumba.   The development of this course is in line with the promotion of Batas Kasambahay, for the protection and welfare of domestic workers, wherein the Bureau takes the lead role.

The course aims to educate domestic workers or kasambahay and their employers/private employment agency about the salient features of the said law. It covers the background on Batas Kasambahay; who are covered and not covered; what are the benefits, rights and privileges of kasambahay; and duties and responsibilities of their employers, Satumba explained. 

It will be less hassle for the domestic workers as they need not go to formal schooling to study the subject. They can learn about the course either by going to the nearest office of the DOLE or to any internet cafe/computer shop to enrol online, or do the study in their respective homes using personal computer. Said course can now be accessed at

Moreover, the e-Learning Course on Introduction to Batas Kasambahay is just one of the courses of the Labor and Governance Learning Center of the Department of Labor and Employment. Other courses on social protection that can be accessed by clients are focused on occupational safety and health and employees compensation programs.    

Satumba further said that the BWSC is planning to develop other online courses on relevant laws and programs for the welfare and protection of the vulnerable and disadvantaged workers.


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