Photo of Sec Linda BaldozDOLE Secretary Baldoz came early to the BWSC the morning of January 11, 2016 to deliver her message on the occasion of the Bureau of Workers with Special Concern (BWSC) sixth (6) year anniversary.  Right after the flag ceremony, the Secretary expressed her message of support to the office considering the big challenges that confront the vulnerable workers which BWSC serves.

As the bureau is the product of the two bureaus: Bureau of Rural Workers (BRW) and Bureau of Women and Young Workers (BWYW), the Secretary wants to see the documentation which trace the impact of programs and services now consolidated with the BWSC.  She stressed the significance of the office mandate which must be faithfully fulfilled in the light of so many changes. She mentioned the more or less fifteen (15) million clientele mostly belonging to the informal sector which the bureau caters.

The Secretary challenged the bureau leadership and staff to have the heart above all figures and data in performing the task of improving the quality of life of vulnerable workers.  Budgetary support according to her has significantly increased as inclusive growth gives priority to the clientele being catered by the BWSC. The need to strengthen convergence according to her is key in broadening the influence of BWSC among its stakeholders and partners to achieve a common goal be it in child labor elimination, kasambahay, informal sector workers and sugar workers amelioration.

In reference to the December 8 Year-end Performance Assessment Activity (YEPA), the Secretary again reiterated her exhortation to all DOLE employees the three (3) crucial pillars which are:  leadership by example, competence and integrity which should result to effective and meaningful services to the public.


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