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In commemoration of the 25 years of the implementation or RA 6982 otherwise known as the Social Amelioration Program in the sugar industry, BWSC personnel with the consultant visited Negros Occidental to come up with the magazine.

The Sugar Tripartite Council (STC) recently approved the proposal to commemorate 25 years of SAP thru a magazine that will reflect highs and lows experienced by various stakeholders.

From October 25 to 28, 2017 the team visited various locations to interview concerned personnel involved in SAP to solicit feedbacks and share their experiences in the program  implementation.

Mix reactions were generated from respondents with regard to different levels of SAP implementation. Notably, the educational assistance availed by successful students made quite an impact in terms of positive outcome to their lives. Institutional partners however, felt that more benefits should have been generated if more funds were allocated to said program.

With regard to the cash bonus distributed to the sugar workers, program implementers believe that mill workers are far better off compared to plantation workers who usually receive lower amounts.

Livelihood, medical and training assistance furthermore help alleviate the plight of concerned sugar workers.

After 25 years of program implementation, it is still a concern that in far flung areas, some sugar workers are still unaware of the program. The tripartite nature of program implementation of SAP hopefully will address identified gaps still prevailing in the program to make a significant impact to the lives of sugar workers.



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