Cagayan de Oro City --- The Department of Labor and Employment, Regional Office No. X (DOLE-X), releases some PhP 924,000 to the 5 livelihood grants to some 739 beneficiaries under the Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) system of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Talakag, Bukidnon on 5 November 2014 at the DOLE-X WODP Training Center, Cagayan de Oro City.

LGU Talakag Vice Mayor, Vergilo Factura, as the Accredited Co-Partner, thanked DOLE-X, during its simple turnover ceremony. "Amo gyud paningkamutan na ipakita sa inyo na mulambo kaning mga negosyo ug naghinaut kami na madugangan pa ang hinabang gikan sa DOLE," (We will really try our very best to show to DOLE that these livelihood ventures will be sustained and expanded for additional funding) added Vice Mayor Factura on behalf of Mayor Nestor Macapayag.

The livelihood grants released are 1) integrated livelihood project (bigasan, hog slaughtering, goat raising, and cow dispersal for PhP 374,000 with LGU Official Receipt [OR] number 9567870, dated 5 Nov. 2014) to some 565 members of the Talakag Women Foundation; 2) skills training for tricycle and trisikad to some 32 individual tricycle and trisikad drivers (PhP 100,000 with LGU OR # 9567871, dated 5 Nov. 2014); 3) trisikad spare parts trading to some 30 members of the Barangay Trisikad Association (PhP 200,000 with LGU OR # 9567872, dated 5 Nov. 2014); 4) massage and reflexology to its 28 constituents who are persons with disabilities (PhP 50,000.00 with LGU OR # 9567874, dated 5 Nov. 2014); and 5) motorcycle spare parts trading to some 84 members of the First Tricycle Talakag Operators and Drivers Association (PhP 200,000 with LGU OR # 9567873, dated 5 Nov. 2014).

As a strategy of the government, the BUB was implemented in preparing the budget proposal of the agencies, taking into consideration the development needs of the poor cities/municipalities to ensure local poverty reduction. This shall ensure the inclusion of the funding requirements for the development needs of poorest/focus cities and municipalities in the budget proposals of participating NGAs.

At the same time, these livelihood undertakings help improve the economy of the municipality.

"Through convergence, the DOLE facilitates and provides access to employment and livelihood opportunities to shield vulnerable workers and their families for better access to social protection and sustainable income sources," OIC-ARD Deloso explained. "We really hope all our livelihood grants will be sustained and further expand in the future to help our vulnerable informal workers augment their income," he further disclosed.

After this release, Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Manager, Isabelita Remate, and Municipal Treasurer, Efren Montesino, informed that they are going to gather the beneficiaries for a meeting and start the bidding of the supplies and materials of said grants for proper processing and implementation of the said project

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