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Self-Reliant Organizations for Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (SRO-CARP)


What is SRO-CARP Project?

Self-Reliant Organization – Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (SRO-CARP) Project is a special project of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as its contribution in the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

 It is implemented through the funding of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).


What are the objectives of the Project?

The SRO-CARP Project provides appropriate capacity building measures such as organizational and land management, agribusiness, and enterprise development to enhance the core competencies of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations ARBOs towards organizational maturity thru:

  1. Institutionalize and sustain mechanisms for support services to address the needs of the beneficiaries, particularly infrastructure and basic needs facilities, access to technology and credit, among others;
  1. Increase the overall productivity and general incomes of the beneficiaries, and;
  1. Empower agrarian reform beneficiaries by enhancing their skills and aptitude in management and enterprise development; inculcating in them gender-responsive and environmental perspectives; greater participation in local governance and community development, and strengthening of network and partnerships with other ARBOs and stakeholders.

Who are the target beneficiaries?

Farmers and/or plantation workers who are members of ARBOs and residing within the Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) in the identified priority regions.


How we do it?

Capacity-building Measures Towards Self-Reliant Organizations

We provide capacity-building activities, in the form of trainings, seminars, lectures, training-cum production, workshops, and etc., to harness the competencies of ARBs in cooperative and land management, and enterprise development.

Deployment of Community Facilitators

We deploy a Community Facilitator in each project site to facilitate the implementation of the Project.

Convergence of Services

To ensure for a strong complementation of interventions, coordination of mechanisms and resources, and sharing of information with government agencies and private sector partners.


What are the core areas which the interventions are based on?

Capacity- Building and Organizational Strengthening

Develop and strengthen the core competencies of the ARBs to become owner-manager-entrepreneur.

Agribusiness Management and Development

Transform traditional agricultural farming into burgeoning and lucrative agribusinesses and link them to the right market.

Enterprise Development

Enhance the capacity of beneficiaries in identifying and sustaining non-farm/agricultural economic ventures that enable them to provide additional livelihood for its members, diversify their income sources, and exhibit their entrepreneurial skills.

Alliance and Partnership Building

Encourage to participate in different institutional platform and mechanisms of other ARBOs, key partners, agencies, and stakeholders.

Facilitate “Convergence Planning”, wherein relevant agencies commit their support to the development plan of an organization, to develop collaborative and productive partnerships with various agencies, private sector, civil society organizations, and possibly with other ARB organization in the ARC.

Social and Community Empowerment

Develop ARBOs as active contributors to social and community empowerment:

  1. Become gender-responsive organization in order to contribute to the empowerment of women in the ARBO and in the community.
  2. Gain awareness on workers social protection and welfare advocacies, focusing on social security, health protection, labor rights and standards.
  3. Promote environmental protection and conservation
  4. Gain substantial participation in local governance

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