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The Family Welfare Program (FWP) seeks to introduce the concept of promoting the welfare of workers and their families as a key to workplace productivity and improved worker-management relations. It is an advocacy program that draws corporate support in promoting workers’ quality of life by adopting a family-centered approach in the workplace.


The FWP advocates for the integration of the 10 dimensions which also serve as a guide in implementing the program:


  1. Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood
  2. Education/Gender Equality
  3. Spirituality or Value Formation
  4. Income Generation/Livelihood/Cooperative
  5. Medical Health Care
  6. Nutrition
  7. Environment Protection, hygiene and Sanitation
  8. Sports and Leisure
  9. Housing
  10. Transportation

Program Objectives:

FWP aims to:


  1. Promote plant-level initiatives to contribute to the goals of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP)
  2. Instill family planning/family welfare consciousness among labor and management as a key in promoting workplace productivity and improved worker-management relations
  3. Establish the family welfare component as a major issue of concern and action of the Family Welfare Committee

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