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Q&A on Batas Kasambahay

What is Republic Act No. 10361?

Republic Act No. 10361 is an Act Instituting Policies for the Protection and Welfare of Domestic Workers, otherwise known as ‘Domestic Workers Act’ or ‘Batas Kasambahay.’

When was it signed into law?

It was signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III on 18 January 2013.

When did the law become enforceable?

The law became enforceable on 04 June 2013 or fifteen (15) days after the publication of its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) on 19 May 2013 in The Philippine Star and the Manila Times.

What is the significance of the passage of the law?

The law is a landmark piece of labor and social legislation that recognizes for thefirst time domestic workers as similar to those in the formal sector. It strengthensrespect, protection, and promotion of the rights and welfare of domestic workers orkasambahay.

How long did it take the Congress to pass the law?

It took sixteen (16) years for Congress to pass the Kasambahay Law or Magna Carta forDomestic Workers.The last legislation passed in Congress was in 1993 or nineteen (19) years ago. This wasRepublic Act No. 7655, or An Act Increasing the Minimum Wage of Househelpers.


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