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The Social Amelioration Program (SAP) in the sugar industry started in the early 1970s when some sugar planters voluntarily contributed to set-up a fund that they can utilize to uplift the living conditions of their workers and their families. It was institutionalized in 1974 thru Presidential Decree No. 621 and enhanced thru the enactment of Republic Act No. 6982 in 1991. The latter expanded the sugar workers' benefits and established the tripartite mechanisms for the participation of the planters, millers, and workers in policy decision-making. The program aims to:

  • augment the income of sugar workers;
  • finance socio-economic programs/projects geared to provide additional livelihood and employment opportunities to the sugar workers and their families;
  • promote sugar workers' welfare and social protection; and
  • increase stakeholders' participation in decision making, particularly on policies related to workers' development under the Act.
Implementation of the SAP is financed by the lien collected per picul(equivalent to 63.25 kgs.) of sugar produced. The lien is imposed on the gross production of sugar which started at Php 5.00 per picul in 1991 and currently is at Php 10.00 per picul, which is equivalent to 7.90513 per Lkg. bag of sugar.

The 80% portion of the lien is distributed as a cash bonus to workers, while the 20% is utilized for the implementation of socio-economic-related programs.
at Php 10.00/picul or Php 7.90513/Lkg.
The 20% (Socio-Economic Program Related Fund) portion of the lien is further allocated for the following programs:
  • 9% for socio-economic projects;
  • 5% for death benefit program;
  • 3% for maternity benefit program;
  • 3% for administrative expenses of the Sugar Tripartite Council(STC), District Tripartite Council(DTC) and Bureau of Rural Workers(BRW) which is now called as the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns(BWSC).

Social Amelioration Program Components
The SAP in the sugar industry has the following components:
  • Cash Bonus Distribution Program;
  • Maternity Benefit Program;
  • Death Benefit Program;
  • Socio-Economic Projects; and
  • Tripartite Consultative Mechanisms. 

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